C 'n G's SongRoads Alliance Animal Rescue Campaign

My Dog begged me to write a song

Chipotle, our rescue dog asked me to write a song that would help his buddies find their Forever Homes. His story is a journey, from being loose in the White Mountain area of Northern AZ, to being captured by a kill shelter, then being rescued by a no kill shelter.  He barely made it through the test to be accepted by the no kill shelter, but there was destiny at work here. As this was happening our dog Dakota passed away, which started our search for rescue dogs online. It was November 2013 and we were headed to Flagstaff in January so we searched local shelters there. There was a dog that captured our hearts, and we had to hope he would still be there when we arrived. When the shelter opened the morning of January 2, 2014 we found that Chipotle was still there waiting for us to adopt him.  And the rest is history.

My Second Chance